1. Rain on concrete.

  2. Costa del Margate

  3. The wonderful, crazy, trigger-happy, extraordinary world of Percy Powell-Cotton.

  4. Sea mist on a summer’s day

  5. Sands Hotel, Margate

  6. Burning sky & sodium street lights


  7. "To say we are excited about embarking on this journey to work with The Dreamland Trust, Thanet District Council, and the local community in bringing a new vibrant life to an iconic British seaside institution is a massive understatement. Having visited Margate over the past few months and seen the grassroots creative revolution that is taking place we are thrilled, nay cock a hoop at the potential of the place and can’t wait to get stuck in."
    — Wayne Hemingway, designer
  8. Red sun hits a purple sea.

  9. Costa del Margate. Crystal clear waters rippled by the wake of a Sunseeker.

  10. Blue skies, millpond waters & the Harbour Arm. #spring2013